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Welcome to the online data repository of the Glitch Society, a Machinist faction dedicated to re-establishing the Truce and maintaining the stability of the Syntax instance of the Matrix. This interface is undergoing a frustratingly extended period of transition, and as such the content may be out-of-date. An improved data management system is being developed.

Repository Re-activated – 21/10/14

After a long period of inaccessibility (and an even longer period of inactivity, which continues even now) the Glitch Society Data Repository is once more available for perusal, as one of a small number of memorials to better days.

Don’t expect everything to work quite as well as it used to, but please feel free to look about and succumb to nostalgia. And if you still remember how to log in, why not pop by our forums to say hi!

Drunkday is back! – 04/12/07

The most (in)famous day in TGS-history!

Back in the day there was a Drunkday within the ranks of TGS. Every Friday Eminition would whip up a large supply of Schnapps and we’d be drunk ALL DAY. And that’s exactly what’ll be happening again! – So, if you’re jacked-in on a Friday, all you have to do is type ’/mood drunk’ and do whatever you want to do in that mood. Missions, meetings, farming, standing about, running around… whatever needs to be done.

Clear overview?

What? –> Drunkday

When? –> Every Friday

Starting on the 14th of December.

Latest Upgrades – 20/02/07

The data repository is finally making progress! A few weeks ago the crew rosters were given a new lease of life, so you’re more likely to find up-to-date information there on our members.

Today the calendar system was completed, so be sure to check that out frequently to find out what’s going on.

Perhaps most importantly, however, all our members are now able to keep journals of their life within the Matrix and without. Until we’re better able to archive our assorted operations, keep your eyes on our journals to read up on our latest activities.

The next feature to grace this public portal into our repository will be a very significant one. Stay tuned.


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